Instructions to Authors


Submission of manuscripts must be done as an e-mail attachment in rich text format (.rtf) or Word (.doc) to

If the manuscript or another version of it has already been published elsewhere, the name of such publication must be clearly stated and an authorization shall be required to re-publish the paper. Reponsibility for obtaining the rights for publication lies entirely on the author of the article and submitting the paper to be reviewed implies that the author has already obtained them.

Submitted manuscripts may be written in English, French or Italian (apart from Spanish) but in case the paper is accepted the author must agree to pay the expenses for its translation. Manuscripts may also be written in Portuguese and may be published in such language.

Manuscripts must include the author´s full name and degree/s, address, e-mail address, place where the work was done, and other credit (such as acknowledgments). This information should appear on a footnote on page 1.

Authors should also send a copy of the manuscript using a pseudonym so as to protect the author´s identity during the review process carried out by the Editorial Board.

Manuscripst must be prepared in Times New Roman 12, in a standard A4 page format, double-spaced, with 3 centimeter or 1 inch margins on all sides. Articles may be 10 to 20 pages.

Abstract and Key words

At the beginning of the article, there should be an “Abstract” of up to 150 words in Spanish, Portuguese and English. This must not be written in the first person but rather in an impersonal fashion ("This paper posits that ..." instead of "I posit that..."). It must communicate the essential contents of the article and should not include any acknowledgements.

5 or 6 key words (in all the three languages) that identify the contents of the article must also be included.


In case there are footnotes, these must be numbered within the text avoiding the use of brackets and must then be listed in a separate sheet of paper.


References must be presented in alphabetical order and numbered in a separate sheet of paper at the end of the manuscript. Within the body of the article, numbers must be between brackets.

  • Book

Author/s, title (in italics), city, publishing house, year, and page numbers. Example: Herman, J., Trauma and recovery. The aftermath of violence-from domestic abuse to political terror. 2ª ed. New York. Basic Books, 1997, pp. 50-52

  • Book Chapter

Author, article title (between inverted commas), editor/s, book title (underlined), city, publishing house, year, and page numbers. Example: van der Kolk, B.  Weisaeth, L y Van der Hart, O. ,“History of trauma in psychiatry”, en van der Kolk B. Mc. Farlane A.y Weisaeth L. (eds.)  Traumatic Stress: the effects of overwhelming experience on mind body and society. New York, Guilford Press. 1996, pp. 47-74

  • Journal Article 

Author/s, article title (between inverted commas), journal title (underlined), volume, number, year, and page numbers. Example: Figley, Ch. “Origins of traumatology and prospects for the future”. Journal of Trauma Practice, Vol. 1, Nº1, 2002. pp. 17-32

Review Process

The Editorial Board shall consider the manuscript´s acceptability for publication and shall inform its decision to the author as soon as possible, generally indicating the possible date for publication.


Submission of a manuscript itself represents an implicit agreement on the part of the author to transfer copyright ownership to this journal, including permissions for publication by existing or future means, such as electronic databases, CD Rom, anthologies, etc.

Authors are allowed to sumbit their own material to other publications or to reprint or copy it in personal anthologies, edited books of which they are the main author or personal web sites. In all cases, our publication must be mentioned indicating volume, number, year, and page numbers; in the latter case, a link to our web site must also be included.

Other Type of Articles

Apart from reviewing original papers, other types of article may be considered for publication such as review articles, comments, letters to the editor, interviews, etc.

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